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Lumos 02:48
Back when we were young it felt like a story The evils in the world simply defeated by my friends and me But then we grew up And the world grew dark When it gets dark turn on a light Send out the signal, we must unite There’s only two sides tonight There’s no sideline Will you choose what’s right Cause we’re ready for the fight
You’re not the wizard that we thought you were A pure candy-loving magical myth Your death is bringing out a disturbing darkness That I kind of wish you’d been buried with I’m hearing hearsay that you dabbled in the dark arts And your dad maimed muggles for a good laugh Now that you’re gone I wish I’d taken the time to ask you About the person that you were in the past Oh you’re not the wizard that I thought you were I’m hearing things I’d rather have been forgot When I asked you what you saw when you looked into the mirror You just told me you were holding some socks Oh what did you see in the mirror Was it warm and wooly winter wear Or was it the ghost of your sister What did you see in there? Now I’m the same age as you were then But I’m struggle-uggle-ling to comprehend How you could ever entertain the thought that magic is might How being talented could give you the right I know you were entranced by the power and slickness Of that ambitious wizard supremacist And it makes me so sick “the Greater Good” So sick the things that you would do for it Oh you’re not the wizard that I thought you were I’m hearing things I’d rather have been forgot That pathway to the power you sought meant means so mean I’m still coming to terms with the shock Now I’m seeing you in the mirror But is it really your blue eyeball in there? Can I trust you? do you even care about me here The boy who lived, do you even care? Oh you left me a mess and some pieces of a puzzle But I don’t even know where to start Your bequeathals keeping us in the dark And in this space I realize that there was little in me you’d confide I don’t know if you ran out of time Would you even tell me if you were alive? You’re not the wizard I thought you were
Don’t you want to remember all the good times? In this house that was my home before I found a home to call my own before I inherited a third home to own Don’t you want to remember all the good times? When the Dursleys would leave I’m sneaking snacks from the fridge Playing some kind of game on Big D’s Playstation Lounging in Vernon’s chair Channel surfing Just look at this doormat, oh the memories Dudley puked on it the day the dementors hit Surrey And under here, Hedwig, is where I used to sleep It’s so small What do you say after 16 years of solid dislike? Maybe ‘Good luck,’ or how ‘bout ‘Thanks for saving my butt,’ Or just ‘I don’t think you’re a waste of space, Harry,’ Or maybe you’ll just say, ‘Goodbye’ Goodbye
The Trace 02:24
Watch what you say, don’t use the wrong word That spell you cast, don’t let it be your last Don’t wanna get tapped for improper use of magic This decree in place, is it really reasonable? Cause you got the Trace, the Taboo They’re always watching you What are they looking for, why are they listening? I guess privacy’s not a wizard thing What are they looking for, why are they listening? Why they worried so much about wizard teens? In times of peace, it seems like overreach And opens the door to misuse in times of war If you say his name, it puts you on the map So be ready to fight, or else you might get snatched Cause you got the Trace, the Taboo They’re always watching you I know what they’re looking for, I know why they’re listening Breeding fear and mistrust is part of their thing I know what they’re looking for, I know why they’re listening It’s a police state meant to subjugate We know what they’re looking for We know why they’re listening Maybe someday we’ll fix this thing
Here’s your daily assurance things are basically OK But times like these aren’t normal, take it with more than just a grain This smear campaign against Dumbledore has us wondering who you’re working for And this article about muggleborns stealing magic shows what’s going on The Prophet’s now a mouthpiece for the Ministry Regurgitating their lies obsequiously There’s no news about the Ministry’s fall cause Voldemort controls it all The Prophet’s now a mouthpiece for the Ministry What’s the narrative? Who’s it benefit? There’s no news about Scrimgeour’s death cause Voldemort controls the press The Prophet’s now a mouthpiece for the Ministry A public disservice for protecting one’s own skin But how do we measure the cost of the news that don’t make it in The Wizard Wireless Network stopped reporting events For resistance news put Potterwatch on your deck There’s a lot more to the story and each of us is a player Just be sure you’re not getting played Who’s pulling the strings That push the keys That print the words That fill the pages Of the paper That you’re holding in your hand? What’s the narrative? Who’s it benefit? This bogus research on muggleborns shows it’s really just a propaganda arm The Prophet’s now a mouthpiece for the Ministry The Prophet’s now espousing pureblood supremacy The Prophet’s now a mouthpiece for the Ministry
Who is that witch? Does she want to be a lawyer? No no no no, she is Hoping to do some good in this world Or a magic law enforcer? No no no no, she is Hoping to do some good in this world She’s selfless and she’s helping the helpless Me like when Nagini put me into a squeeze She’s selfless and she’s helping the helpless Me when we were kiddies trapped in Devil’s Spaghetti She’s selfless and she’s helping the helpless Me breaking the rules of time to save Buckbeak She’s selfless and she’s helping the helpless To protect her muggle parents she erased their memories She’s a knowledgeable, magical, powerful girl and she is Hoping to do some good in this world With the talent that is growing underneath her curls she is Hoping to do some good in this world Just because it’s that way doesn’t mean it should stay She’s got the vision and the brains to make a change The world may not be ready for elvish welfare But she’s not waiting for the world, she’s gonna push it there When Umbridge cut Defense from the syllabus She was the lead organizer of the Resistance Sometimes I wonder if Dumbledore’s Army Should have been named after Hermione She’s a knowledgeable, magical, powerful girl and she is Hoping to do some good in this world With the talent that is bursting underneath her curls she is Hoping to do some good in this world Doing more than anyone of us could ask for She even took the form of her own torturer And I realized that day on the Shell Cottage shore Her magic’s deeper than the dragon heart of her old wand core Oh Hermione there’s a better future in your dreams Even when it all falls apart you see the way things could be Oh Hermione I see the future in your dreams Where the creatures are free and the wizards at peace Oh Hermione, Hermione You keep doing what’s right and we’ll follow your lead Oh Hermione, Hermione You’re doing good in this world, you’re doing good in this world
I didn’t know we had a cat Or that I had a toy broomstick So much I don’t know Wish I could know They say we have the same eyes And looking at this letter I can see We share a ‘G’ What else did you give to me? Do we like the same food? Do we take the same tea? I didn’t even know we had a cat
Do you want to be a death eater today, Runcorn? Sending you home with a nosebleed A day off as their accomplice Your most productive day in years We’ll see what we can repair You’re getting paid but it’s never just a paycheck What you do is who you are Who it benefits is clear Who it harms should keep you up at night Ain’t no statues going up If folks like you won’t bear the weight Enforcing every injustice As you look the other way It don’t matter how you dress or If you’re willing to put on the mask They won’t need a death eater army There’s always moral judgement In administrative function With people like you They won’t need a death eater army
Don’t need a lecture about what’s going on in my head I’m just trying to find another lead we can work with Running around in circles feeling like ouroboros Don’t need a woman to be cooking my meals for me Those gendered roles are antiquated it’s not fair to Hermione Maybe I should take a moment learning how to catch some fish Wish I weren’t so unprepared Wish food didn’t seem so rare Wish magic could help us here Yeah if only some kind of spell could help with this, something like Accio Fish Don’t need a lecture about the loved ones I left behind If you could see inside my head you’d know they’re always on my mind I know you’re worried about your family, but I’m not your enemy Don’t need you whining about your mommy conjuring some food She ain’t working outside Gamp’s Laws of Transfiguration Thought we were in this together, thought you knew what you signed up for Wish I weren’t so unprepared Wish Dumbledore had left a plan With these riddles we could use a hand Yeah, camping in the woods eating mushrooms sure sounds fun Unless you’ve been doing it for months Said camping in the woods eating mushrooms sure sounds fun Until you’ve been doing it for months Accio Fish Accio salmon, accio tuna, accio pollock, accio grouper Accio haddock, accio flounder, accio mackerel, accio lobster Accio bluefish, accio whitefish, accio goldfish, accio shark Accio catfish, accio clownfish, accio crayfish, accio carp Accio smelt, accio scrod, accio shad, accio cod Accio tilapia, accio halibut, accio anglerfish, accio mullet Accio sea bass, accio guppy, accio sardines, accio porgy Accio one fish, accio two fish, accio red fish, accio blue fish, Accio snapper, accio monkfish, accio brook trout, accio Swordfish of Gryffindor
Just another night by the campfire Singing the same songs for the hundredth time Did you put on the muffliato charm Don’t want these snatchers singing along Do a little dance Cook a little fish Look up at the stars Make a little wish Nothing’s probably gonna happen I don’t think of you that way We’re not doing anything wrong But no one’s asking, ‘Where the hell is Ron?’ Sing another song Cook another trout Is something on your mind? Are you having doubts? Nothing’s probably gonna happen I don’t think of you that way We’re not doing anything wrong But no one’s asking, ‘Where the hell is Ron?’ Where’s Ron?
Are your spells better when your blood is pure? I didn’t think so Can your family tree cast like Hermione? I didn’t think so But here you are repeating that old pureblood line As if magic were some kind of property That one could own and another could thieve As if your lot improves as another’s aggrieved Sometimes purity is a source of corrosion Just like iron in a cauldron A dark potion rusting out through the bottom It always find the lowest point These pureblood identity politics Are nothing more than arrogance A rally point for a supporter set That’s afraid of everything The Ministry’s full of spineless employees They hate their boss but they’re still publishing these pureblood screeds Complicitly upholding this puppet regime Tearing families apart under a facade of peace But there she goes and her cat patronus glows Enforcing her twisted laws for a messed up cause On a power trip with a hot locket Croaking genetic lies out like a hypocrite Sometimes purity can coexist with squalor and filth Just like Marvolo and Morfin Clinging desperately to jewelry and genealogy And a life devoid of happiness There ain’t no pureblood supremacy That’s just a stupid ideology
Sometimes there’s a Voldemort in your head And it’s a part of you Not the nicest part But to get through you’ve got to use every part Fight with everything you’ve got When there’s a Voldemort in your head
There’s a goblin on my head that nobody can see Underneath my cloak of invisibility We’re going to the bank but we’re not getting paid We’re gonna rob the vault of Bellatrix Lestrange What are you thinking up there? Under the cloak we share A thousand years since Gryffindor, finally return the sword To a noble race of creatures men deprived of wandlore A reparo twixt our people would this settle your score When I really need that sword so we can win this war I really need that sword The power seeker split his soul and locked it in the bank I touch the cup, levitate and burn over its multiplying prank We are brave and afraid, we are horcrux takers Sacrifice Godric’s sword, returned to Goblin makers We’re breaking in We’re going down We’re busting out Breaking the chains of the blind guardian we fight Blasting goblins and tunnels, they’re crumbling under her might Climbing up on her back, we launch into the sky Busting out, we’re riding a dragon tonight Riding a dragon tonight I hope she don’t bite
The Cloak 02:29
I came from a household that did not want to have me there Underneath the cupboard I was forced to disappear When I got to my school there was a gift awaiting me My murdered father’s power of invisibility I wanted to be normal there, I wanted to blend in A regular wizard with regular friends But burdened by my baggage of wizard celebrity What I really craved was just anonymity I’m putting on the cloak again so I can disappear Nobody can see but I’m ordinary I’m putting on the cloak again, just putting it on I’m putting on the cloak again so I can disappear Nobody can see, just pretend that I’m not here Through generations of the Peverell family This hallowed gift was passed and now it’s up to me To use it for its purpose, death is not the enemy I wear it and embrace it, who will the master be? I’m putting on the cloak again But this time I am not hiding I’m putting on the cloak again I am putting on the cloak again Greeting death like an old friend I’m putting on the cloak again
The Stone 09:29
I saw it all in Snape’s tears I didn’t know I’d be so prepared The final enemy I fear To be conquered is death I am about to die I must die, this must end Neither will live, neither will survive I didn’t want any of you to die, I’m sorry No one else will die for me I am about to die I’ve made up my mind I won’t say goodbye I’m just going to walk into the forest and I I pass Hagrid's hut, can’t make a patronus How many beats must there be left in my heart No time can be bought, my battle’s been fought The snitch has been caught I’m about to die
The Wand 04:15
There’s a reason that wand isn’t working for you Snape was Dumbledore’s man through and through He asked you to spare my mom but you were a fool If you’d seen his patronus you’d know it were true You won’t be killing anyone else tonight You won’t be killing anyone else There are far worse things than dying Soon you will be learning I’ve seen what you become Killing is not the only way to win allegiance You’re not listening, Tom You’ll never master that wand The wand chooses the wizard You only see what you want to see Hear what you want to hear You don’t learn from your mistakes There’s so much you don’t comprehend About Lily, or Snape, or Dumbledore Or everyone else here, they understand It’s love And it’s your one last chance It’s all you’ve got left Try for some remorse For some regret One of us is about to leave for good I’ll be having my wand now And here’s my signature move Expelliarmus


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Lumos is Harry and the Potters’ first full-length album since 2006’s Harry and the Potters and the Power of Love. Using the magic of rock and roll, it chronicles the events of the 7th and final Harry Potter book where J.K. Rowling’s teen wizard and his friends are on the run from a xenophobic, authoritarian regime and must work diligently to take down a dark wizard who capitalizes on fear and emboldens supremacist wizards.

Lumos is an album for this political moment. For the parents raising a younger generation reading these books for the first time, it’s an opportunity to connect the dots: the systems facilitating oppression in the wizard world – state-run media, children being separated from their mixed-blood parents, surveillance systems, and pureblood supremacy – strongly echo the daily reality of creeping neo-fascism. For the generation of Harry Potter fans that has grown up into a world where cartoonish villains occupy the halls of power, it’s a reminder that there is a pathway forward. Now is the time for Dumbledore’s Army, for the Order of the Phoenix. We are being called upon to become the heroes that this moment necessitates.


released June 21, 2019

Harry and the Potters are Paul and Joe DeGeorge.

All songs written by Paul and Joe DeGeorge except
“Where’s Ron” written by Paul and Joe DeGeorge and Bradley Mehlenbacher

“Lumos” contains an excerpt from Elie Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, December 10, 1986

Paul DeGeorge: vocals, guitar, baritone saxophone
Joe DeGeorge: vocals, piano, organ, synthesizers, saxophones, accordion, some guitar and bass
Bradley Mehlenbacher: drums, auxiliary percussion, backing vocals on tracks 4, 5, 10, and 11, banjo on track 9
Kimya Dawson: vocals on track 10
Zach Burba: bass on track 6
Tony Goddess: bass on tracks 7 and 16
Andrew Huang: dragon synthesis on track 13

Also appearing on “The Stone”:
Ernie Kim, Jacob Nathan, Bradley Mehlenbacher, Jason Anderson, Zach Burba, Mike Harpring, Rosie Richeson, Phil Dickey, Andrew MacLeay, Hannah Novaria, Jimmy Kleiner, Brian Ross, Lauren Fairweather, Matt Maggiacomo, Rory Maggiacomo, Sarah Mehlenbacher, Stephanie Anderson, Myles Kane, Acacia Ludwig, Melissa Anelli, Jackson Bird, Alora Lanzillotta, Zoey Lanzillotta, Neil Cicierega, Claudia Morales, Marty Allen, Dan Brennan, Victoria Ruiz, Joey DeFrancesco, Mary Regalado, Adam Goren, Ruby Goren, Ginger Alford, Nathan Stephens Griffin, Hank Green, Katherine Green, Dawn Riddle, Nicole Georges, Dave Roman, Alec Longstreth, Joy Lambert, Chris Baker, Lily Baker, Martin Johansson, Elin Johansson, Vera Johansson, Elin Andersson, Emma Jonsson, Erik Melin, Malin Eriksson, Grace Bentley, Essa Bowser, Andrew Huang, Erin Birgy, Erin Wilson, Amy Snow, Neil Olstad, Bryan Atchison, Taleen Agulian, Mike Gleeson, Tigran Gleeson, Viken Gleeson, Katie Alice Greer, Daniele Daniele, G.L. Jaguar, Oliver Finn Holloway, and Lucia Edwards

Recorded July 9-15, 2018 at Bang-a-Song Studios in Gloucester, MA
Mixed Oct 11, 12, and 16, 2018 at Bang-a-Song Studios
Parts of “The Stone” and “Hermione’s Army” were recorded at the Providence Public Library and AS220 in Providence, RI
Kimya Dawson’s vocal on “Where’s Ron” was recorded at the Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, KS

Engineered and mixed by Warren Babson and Tony Goddess
Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Layout by Paul DeGeorge
Lettering by Camille Caparas
Artwork by Dan McCarthy

Thank you to all who have come to a show, booked a show, bought a record, or supported us in any way over the past 15+ years. We are truly grateful and feel so privileged to make and share this album with you. Thank you also to J.K. Rowling.





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